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14 tips for passing your advanced driving test

If you are thinking of taking some advanced driving lessons and going for an Institute of Advanced Motorists membership, it’s well worth doing. I passed my test in 2014 after having five observation drives and doing quite a lot of

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Institute of Advanced Motorists calls for improvements in motorcycle clothing labelling

Helmets are easy to judge with the SHARP rating, but clothing has no such rating and a survey of 700 motorcyclists has indicated that they find it difficult and time-consuming to evaluate which clothing will provide the most protection in

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IAM wants government to introduce driver health checks

As we age, our faculties diminish, yet we can still be in charge of 1500kg of machinery travelling at 70mph. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has called on the government to implement some form of driving health check to

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IAM embarrasses itself again with shonky research

The Institute of Advanced Motorists should stick to doing what it does most excellently: teaching people how to drive awesomely. It should stop doing poorly conducted and contradictory research. The latest embarrassment for the IAM is new research outlining what

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40% of drivers don’t concentrate says IAM

A new report by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) reveals that 4 in 10 drivers admit they don’t focus at all times when behind the wheel. The other 6 in 10 are lying because it’s impossible to concentrate at

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Edinburgh imposing 20mph speed limits by 2017; air pollution may worsen

Most of Edinburgh’s city streets could see a 20mph speed limit implemented as early as 2017 if councillors on the Transport Committee in Edinburgh get their way. They are backing a consultation, but have been very quiet on the potential

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