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Advantages of air suspension on lorries and trailers

Many new lorries and trailers come fitted with air suspension, or at least have an option to have it fitted at extra cost. Older lorries and trailers can sometimes be retrofitted, too. Air suspension has many advantages but a few

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What aerodynamic aids are available for lorries

lorries with aerodynamic aids

Lorry fuel economy is extremely important to keep transport companies competitive, plus it’s good for the environment to reduce fuel usage. When you first learn how to drive a lorry, most of the instruction will be focused on safe and

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The ultimate guide to lorry fuel economy

Trucking is a cutthroat business with thin margins, so anything you can do to save fuel makes a big difference to the profitability of the company. Don’t come to a stop unless absolutely necessary: ¬†acceleration, anticipation and braking sense Getting

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Types of lorries and their loads

A lorry is either rigid, rigid in combination (a rigid truck that also has a trailer), or articulated. This list explains the types of vehicles and the loads that they carry. Boat haulage: while a small boat can be transported by

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How to get a job as a lorry driver (HGV driver)

There is a huge shortage of lorry drivers, so there are plenty of opportunities to get into driving a lorry for a living. To get a job you will need a large goods vehicle licence. First you’ll need to apply

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16 tips for driving in the dark

We’re well and truly into winter now and that means it gets dark early. Follow these simple tips to keep you safer when driving in the dark: Keep your headlights clean so that you get the most light out of

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Five ways to get the most benefit out of driver CPC training

Driver CPC training was introduced as a compulsory part of every lorry and bus driver’s training schedule in 2014. So, if you’re a lorry or bus driver you will either choose your driver CPC training or the company you work

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