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What happens if you drive everywhere in reverse?

You’ll have seen high-speed driving in reverse in the movies, usually when the protagonist is trying to outrun some bad guys, but is it possible to drive everywhere in reverse if you’re not a stunt driver? It’s actually against the

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Helping your lorry drivers pass the driving test

The demands on the trucking industry have grown in recent years as more people engage in e-commerce. Your organization may encourage employees to get their LGV licenses so they can drive the vehicles in your fleet. There are several ways

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What jobs are best for a former truck driver?

While there’s a shortage of truck drivers, not all drivers want to stay in the profession (for whatever reason) and are looking for viable careers that make the best use of their driving and transport industry skills. Driver trainers and

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Are camera wing mirrors safe?

Glass wing mirrors have been a feature on cars and trucks for decades, improving safety by reducing blind spots, but can they be replaced by cameras and screens and still be as effective? How does it work? Rather than large

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Simple and effective solutions to reduce gas emissions in the atmosphere

Is that car journey necessary? Driving pumps greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and it’s often possible to choose options that are ‘greener’ and release less pollution. Pollution from the burning of fossil fuels is an environmental hazard that has been

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Thinking of getting a learner licence? Here’s everything you need to know

Are you excited to get on the road and start driving? Or a parent who’s bracing for your child’s first lesson? Getting a licence is fairly easy but it can be a long process before you even get to a

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Why are shipping containers dangerous for lorry drivers to transport?

A lorry’s stability relies on the centre of gravity being as low as possible. The lower the centre of gravity, the less likely it is to tip over while cornering. Rollover accidents are very common for truck drivers. When loading

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