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Getting started with driving

Whether you are learning to drive or just want to improve your driving, this page contains quick links to advice and guides from getting your licence through to advanced techniques, whether your vehicle is a car, motorbike, heavy vehicle or passenger vehicle.

Getting your licence

How to get a car or motorbike driver’s licence.

How to get a heavy vehicle or passenger carrying vehicle licence.

The real cost of getting a car licence.

The real cost of getting a motorbike licence.

Learn the theory

Choose from car, motorbike, LGV (heavy vehicle) or PCV (passenger vehicle) tests.

Choosing a vehicle

Choosing the best car for a learner driver. Types of cars plus setting your budget.

Essential car maintenance for your first car. If you’ve never owned a car before, here’s how to keep it running sweetly.

What motorbikes can you ride as a learner.

Which gearbox should you choose? Automatic or manual – it’ll affect your future.

Using crash test results when buying a car.

Choosing an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Choosing a driving instructor. The questions you need to ask to get an ADI that suits you.

Techniques to help you pass the test

Common mistakes that make you fail your car driving test. ADIs give us their tips.

Common mistakes that make you fail your motorbike test. Riding instructors give us their tips.

Commentary drives. How describing what’s coming up can make you more aware of the road ahead.

Memory tricks to help you learn the Highway Code. Everyone can improve their memory quite easily with these tricks that will help you remember the information for your theory test.

Relaxing for your driving test. Techniques to help you relax if taking tests makes you nervous.

Foods to eat and avoid before taking your test. What you eat can influence your reaction times, how awake you feel, and how pleasant you smell for the examiner.

Boosting your confidence and abilities

Safety advice (all vehicles)

Driving in adverse road conditions. Brake fade, fords, cattle grids, mud, punctures, road works, salt/sand and heavy snow

Anticipating what other drivers will do. What to look out for to give you advance warning of other drivers’ intentions.

Driving while temporarily blinded. Other drivers’ high beam headlights, sun dazzle/sun strike, reflections, fogged windscreens, spray, bonnet failure, sneezing, tunnels.

Vehicle stopping distances. What affects them and how do you calculate them.

Pedestrian crossings and islands. Understanding where pedestrians will cross and what your obligations are.

Rules and guidelines for towing.

Taking care of your tyres.

Driving in hot weather.

What drugs can you use before driving?


Driving with music. Does having your own beats make you a better driver or a worse driver?

Car-specific advice

Winter checks for your car.

Motorbike-specific advice

Choosing the right motorcycle helmet. Getting the right style and fit could save your life.

Choosing the right glasses or sunglasses for riding.

Choosing motorbike protective clothing. Protective clothing can mean the difference between walking away from an accident or being killed or seriously injured.

Definitive guide to carrying pillion passengers. If you want to take someone else on your bike, here’s what you need to know.

Common injuries in motorbike accidents.

Heavy vehicle and passenger vehicle-specific advice

Managing health risks for heavy vehicle and passenger vehicle drivers. Reducing your risk of illness and physical stress while behind the wheel.

Driving guides

Motorway driving. Merging, changing lanes, speed and braking

Driving in snow. What to carry, how to drive, preparing your car and more.

Driving on rural roads. Looking out for subsidence, narrow roads, agricultural machinery, livestock, lack of markings and lights, mud, fog and more.

Correct signalling on roundabouts. So many people get this wrong. Don’t be one of them.

Driving smoothly. How to drive more smoothly and the financial and safety benefits for you.

Advanced overtaking techniques. Knowing your vehicle, choosing the right road position and anticipating other drivers’ intentions.

Reversing your vehicle. Checking visibility, using a reversing camera, and reversing safely.


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