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Practise your driving theory test for free with these revision questions, answers and explanations, licensed by DVSA (the people who set the test). There are hundreds of multiple choice questions for car, motorbike, heavy vehicle and passenger vehicle that you can practise on your computer, tablet or phone. From road signs to dealing with emergencies, learn the Highway Code the simple and effective way using these online theory tests. Choose a category to get started.



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Learn more detail about the Highway Code, plus view our series of guides from getting started with your licence through to advanced driving techniques. It's packed with over 450 articles to help you learn to drive.

All the theory test questions online

The full DVSA revision bank of 3000 theory test questions from the Highway Code for cars, motorbikes, lorries, buses and ADIs is here. All questions include explanations of the answers to help you learn the material in-depth. Once you can go through the quizzes and pass the questions you are ready to go for your theory test as these questions are virtually identical to the ones you will be asked in your actual theory exam.

These free driver theory tests will get you up-to-speed with the Highway Code and make you a more effective and better driver. As a new driver you will experience what will seem like an overwhelming number of signs, road conditions, weather conditions, other road users to negotiate (such as horses and agricultural machinery), and restrictions. So that you have a positive driving experience from the start, make sure you know the rules and it'll keep you much safer and free of fines or points on your licence.

You'll find all the main sections from the Highway Code:

  • Alertness
  • Attitude
  • Safety and Your Vehicle
  • Safety Margins
  • Hazard Awareness
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • Other Types of Vehicles
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Motorway Rules
  • Rules of the Road
  • Road and Traffic Signs
  • Documents
  • Incidents, Accidents and Emergencies
  • Vehicle Loading
  • Vehicle Weights and Dimensions
  • Drivers Hours and Rest Periods
  • Braking Systems
  • Vehicle Condition
  • Restricted View
  • Leaving the Vehicle
  • Carrying Passengers

Getting your licence

If you need to know the process to go through to get your provisional driving licence, click here. If you are moving to the UK or coming on holiday, we have information for driving on a foreign licence here.

Choosing a driving instructor

As well as practising for your theory test you'll need to get yourself a driving instructor. Read our full guide on choosing an instructor.

Why are the theory quizzes free?

We believe that your money should go on taking practical driving lessons because that's how you'll improve the most. Highway Code education should be free, which is why we offer these mock theory tests for you at no charge.

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I passed my test (50/50). Thanks for making the site really easy to use. Penny H
As an approved JAUPT training centre for the Driver CPC qualification together with assisting employment seekers to get into the Transport Industry professionally at LGV level I find this resource really valuable! Alistair J Wilcox Head of Training, 24-7 Staffing
It's helped me lots. Thanks for making the quizzes free. Emily
The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) is very grateful to Right Driver for kindly preparing the multi choice questions for a hazard perception test as part of the national final of our road safety competition. The competition was part of NFYFC’s rural road safety campaign called Drive it Home and was a great way for us to challenge Young Farmers across England and Wales to practise their driving skills. Feedback from our competitors showed everyone enjoyed taking part and many said the hazard awareness test had refreshed their knowledge since taking their driving test a few years ago. Thank you for supporting Young Farmers’ Clubs and the NFYFC’s Drive it Home campaign. Margaret Bennett, Competitions Officer, NFYFC
All my pupils find the free Highway Code practice tests at Right Driver a great help. John Wilson JW Driving Tuition
I like it that all the questions are there for free, and when I took my actual theory test the questions were virtually identical so I got 50/50 on my first go. Joel C
If you know anyone wanting to pass the driving test, then this is the site to go to Ashley
I only spent a couple of days practising on the mock theory tests then I aced the real test. Marian S
My driving instructor recommended I practise the questions using Right Driver and that if I was getting 100% on the mock tests here then I'd pass for sure. She was right - I got all the questions correct and passed first time. Ahmed M
Just writing to say thanks for setting up these tests. I only found out about them a day before the test but cranked through some practise the night before and on my phone while I was waiting to take it. Got full marks. Cheers Bobby S
I can't recommend this site highly enough for revising the Highway Code. Super simple to use, the questions were all covered that I had to answer, and I liked that I could repeat them over and over until I knew them a hundred percent Mikal B
Just dropping you a note to say thanks for the practise theory exams. I passed first attempt with 49/50. Seamus O
Got my bike licence partly thanks to u guys - u rock BeeZee
I found your website the morning of my test in a bit of a panic because I knew I didn't know the Highway Code well enough. I spent 2 hours doing question after question plus another 20 minutes on my iPhone waiting before the exam and smashed it: 50 out of 50 Justin L
I arrive to England from Chile and needed change my licence with theory and practical tests. Thank you - the website was very easy to learn. Muchas gracias Pablo D
Thank you for taking the time to put these great questions together. I moved from Canada and didn't need to take a theory exam to get my driving permit changed, but I found learning the road signs and road rules on here much easier than other sites. Etienne R