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Tips for driving a large truck uphill and downhill

Uphill Preparing for the incline early is important. The keys to successful uphill driving are gears, traction and momentum. If you drive an automatic truck, you don’t have to worry so much about the gears although, if possible, you may

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Should you use the 4-second rule, not the 2-second rule?

You’ve probably heard of the two-second rule: you count ‘one thousand and one, two thousand and two’ as the vehicle in front passes a stationary object, and by the time you’ve finished saying it, your vehicle will be passing that

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Safety tips for driving a forklift on the road

How to make your forklift road legal The forklift must be registered with DVLA, which you can do with a form V55/4 (new forklifts) or V55/5 (used forklifts). There’s a registration fee and a licence fee. Approval means that the

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What questions should car enthusiasts ask when planning or looking for a garage?

A good garage can provide hours of entertainment, frustration, refuge, hope, despair and pride when you own a classic or performance car. It’s the place where you go to tinker and polish your automotive pride and joy. If you’re looking

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What happens when an electric car (EV) catches fire?

High-profile EV fires excite the naysayers who forget that internal combustion engine vehicles are up to 20 times more likely to catch fire. Electric car fires can pose challenges for firefighters and can be more difficult to extinguish compared to

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What are the regulatory requirements for autonomous vehicles in the UK?

Testing and Development: Companies conducting tests on autonomous vehicles on public roads need to obtain appropriate permissions from the relevant authorities. The UK government, through the Department for Transport (DfT), had established guidelines for testing autonomous vehicles. Insurance and Liability:

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Cyclists vs drivers: what does each want the other to know?

A cyclist is always at a disadvantage in a vehicle vs bike crash. To reduce the chances of this happening, it’s helpful to bridge the gap between the expectations and knowledge of drivers vs cyclists. What do cyclists wish drivers

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