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Car sharing (carpooling) in the UK: advantages, disadvantages and how to do it

What is car sharing? Car sharing (also called carpooling or ridesharing) is sharing a ride with someone who is going to a similar destination as you, but you don’t pay the driver for his or her time. It’s not hitchhiking

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What aerodynamic aids are available for lorries

lorries with aerodynamic aids

Lorry fuel economy is extremely important to keep transport companies competitive, plus it’s good for the environment to reduce fuel usage. When you first learn how to drive a lorry, most of the instruction will be focused on safe and

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Learner driver test price drops again in October

Last October (2014) the fee for a car or motorbike driving theory test fell by £6, taking the cost of a test from £31 to £25. This October the price reduces another £2 to £23 (don’t spend it all at once!) Other

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Official Highway Code questions updated

On Friday afternoon, DVSA updated its official question bank for cars. There are 137 changes, the main one being that there are no multiple selection questions in any category – all multiple choice questions have moved to single option answers.

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France introduces new laws you need to know if driving there

In response to road deaths increasing 3.7% to 3388 people in 2014, French authorities (who are committed to a target of no more than 2000 deaths per year) have introduced 26 new measures, most of which are effective immediately. If

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How distracting is talking on a cellphone while driving?

We all know that you are not allowed to drive while holding a cellphone in your hand but you are allowed to drive while talking using a hands-free kit, e.g. via a Bluetooth headset or connectivity with your car, or

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Hazard Perception Test to be refreshed

Early 2015 the Hazard Perception Test will be modernised with CGI (computer-generated imagery) to make the visuals clearer and to modernise them with updated vehicles and surroundings. The test comprises filmed video clips showing everyday road scenes filmed in first person

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