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What do you learn in your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)?

Driver CPC is designed to refresh your memory of tasks and information you already use in your job, and teach you new skills that you can apply either in your current job or a new job. There is a syllabus

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Road markings and lines

Road markings across the carriageway These lines indicate that you must either stop then give way, or simply give way to other traffic. Stop lines Give way lines Drivers must stop if they need to give way to another road

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The risks when driving for work

Drivers who drive for work are more at risk of having a crash. The risk is increased because: More time on the road means more exposure to scenarios that can cause an incident – this increases the chance of an

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How can you replace a lost, stolen or damaged MOT certificate?

There are two options: Free MOT certificate replacement If you have your vehicle registration (number plate) and the 11-digit number from the vehicle logbook (V5C) you can apply online here if it’s a car, van or motorbike. You can’t do

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Car sharing (carpooling) in the UK: advantages, disadvantages and how to do it

What is car sharing? Car sharing (also called carpooling or ridesharing) is sharing a ride with someone who is going to a similar destination as you, but you don’t pay the driver for his or her time. It’s not hitchhiking

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What aerodynamic aids are available for lorries

lorries with aerodynamic aids

Lorry fuel economy is extremely important to keep transport companies competitive, plus it’s good for the environment to reduce fuel usage. When you first learn how to drive a lorry, most of the instruction will be focused on safe and

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Learner driver test price drops again in October

Last October (2014) the fee for a car or motorbike driving theory test fell by £6, taking the cost of a test from £31 to £25. This October the price reduces another £2 to £23 (don’t spend it all at once!) Other

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