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How can you replace a lost, stolen or damaged MOT certificate?

There are two options:

Free MOT certificate replacement

If you have your vehicle registration (number plate) and the 11-digit number from the vehicle logbook (V5C) you can apply online here if it’s a car, van or motorbike.

You can’t do this online or free for heavy goods vehicles, trailers or public service vehicles (PSVs) at the moment (it’s coming soon). Instead, fill out one of the following forms:

HGVs and trailers – VTG59


Paid MOT certificate replacement

If you have an HGV, trailer or PSV, as mentioned above, you’ll need to fill out the forms and post them along with any damaged documents available to:

Replacements Section
The Ellipse
Padley Road

DVSA will tell you how to pay the account either by credit or debit card.

For light motor vehicles you can go into any MOT centre (it doesn’t have to be the one you used originally), taking your vehicle registration details and logbook (V5C) reference number, and pay a small fee (up to £10). They will generate one for you.

What is an MOT certificate?

An MOT certificate confirms that your vehicle was tested by an approved mechanic and, at the time of testing, met the minimum acceptable standards for road safety and environmental performance. The certificate doesn’t mean that it still meets those requirements; the onus is on the owner to do continued maintenance.

You need an MOT certificate when using a vehicle on the road. Some leeway is given to non-roadworthy vehicle if you are on your way to a test centre for a pre-booked test, bringing it from a test centre to a place of repair if it has failed the test or, taking it to a pre-arranged booking in order to fix faults.

When your vehicle passes the test, you’ll be issued an A4 test certificate.

Is your MOT certificate genuine?

When you buy a vehicle privately, you can check whether it has a current MOT certificate by entering the number plate here.

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