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How to check your lorry’s interior in a pre-trip inspection

As the cab will be the place you’ll spend the majority of your time, it must be checked to make sure it’s safe and comfortable. Cab comfort is a big influence on driver fatigue. Getting in The two things to

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How do you know if your wheel nuts are coming loose?

Every year, many people are injured and some are killed in ‘wheel-off’ accidents. This is where the vehicle’s wheel comes off while the vehicle is moving. It’s a 70kg rolling missile which can cause serious damage if it runs into

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Wheel nut indicators – stopping wheel-off incidents

If a lorry’s wheel comes off while travelling on the motorway, it’s an 85kg weight that can smash its way into an oncoming car, killing the occupant, as happened on the M6 in Cheshire. The HGV driver was sent to

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What safety precautions should business owners put in place for visiting lorry drivers?

If you have lorries visiting your warehouse or yard to make deliveries or pick up goods you run the risk of accidents between people and machinery. You must have a set of health and safety guidelines and you must implement

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How to safely get into and out of a heavy vehicle

Sprained ankles and damaged knees are common injuries that lorry drivers suffer through jumping out of their cab or off a trailer deck. A 17-stone driver jumping down a couple of feet creates around 31 stone of force when landing

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EU targets 50% reduction in road deaths by 2020

12,345 people were killed in road safety accidents in 2012 in the European Union, many for easily avoidable reasons such as not wearing a seatbelt. Transport exports and authorities last month called on the EU to accelerate progress in road safety. Vehicles are

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Edinburgh imposing 20mph speed limits by 2017; air pollution may worsen

Most of Edinburgh’s city streets could see a 20mph speed limit implemented as early as 2017 if councillors on the Transport Committee in Edinburgh get their way. They are backing a consultation, but have been very quiet on the potential

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