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Google’s self-driving car completes 700,000 miles

If you take a trip over to Mountain View, California, you might see a Lexus like this roaming the streets. It’s one of Google’s autonomous vehicles and they have racked up over 700,000 miles – that’s a million kilometres in

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Edinburgh imposing 20mph speed limits by 2017; air pollution may worsen

Most of Edinburgh’s city streets could see a 20mph speed limit implemented as early as 2017 if councillors on the Transport Committee in Edinburgh get their way. They are backing a consultation, but have been very quiet on the potential

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Vehicle platooning: will it solve our traffic woes?

The UK Department for Transport has commissioned research to understand how vehicle platooning might benefit UK businesses, road safety, the environment and the transport network. So, what is vehicle platooning? A vehicle platoon is a number of vehicles travelling in

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Self-driving cars are coming: will you even need a licence?

Self-driving, driverless or autonomous cars are going to change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. We’re entering an era where many people will choose to predominantly be a passenger in their own cars rather than have the pleasure

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