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What motorbikes can you ride as a learner?

In the UK our range of motorcycles is fairly restricted compared to other countries such as Australia or New Zealand. Over there they have a system whereby almost all bikes under 660cc with a power-to-weight ratio of 150kW per tonne

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Driving tests no longer available in foreign languages

Both the theory and practical driving tests are only available in English or Welsh. This was a change that was called for by 70% of respondents to public consultation by the then DSA (now DVSA). Previously candidates could take their

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Changes to Lorry, Bus and Motorcycle Rules

Lorry and bus drivers From 10 April, the changes will: remove the need for 8-forward gear ratios for large test vehicles (category C, C+E) let people who take a lorry or bus test (category C, C+E and D, D+E) in an

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Self-driving cars are coming: will you even need a licence?

Self-driving, driverless or autonomous cars are going to change your life in ways you can’t even imagine. We’re entering an era where many people will choose to predominantly be a passenger in their own cars rather than have the pleasure

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How to get a driving licence in the UK

Whether you want to drive a car or ride a motorbike there are two stages you need to go through for your licence: Provisional Licence Full Licence 1. Getting a Provisional Licence Before getting a licence, it is essential to

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Driving in the UK on a foreign licence

To drive in the UK you must be at least 17 years old, and hold a valid driving licence of a category suitable to the vehicle you want to drive. Driving licences from other countries can be used in the

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