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Learner drivers to be allowed to drive on motorways

Learner drivers can take a driving lesson on our motorways from 4 June 2018, however, they must be supervised by an approved driving instructor (ADI) in a car with dual controls. The motorway lessons will not be compulsory and it

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Learner drivers on motorways

If a learner driver is accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor and is driving a car fitted with dual controls, they are allowed to drive on the motorway for lessons if the instructor agrees that the driver is competent enough.

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Motorway slip road design for effective joining and merging

Joining a motorway is a driving manoeuvre which can have a huge effect on surrounding traffic if done incorrectly. To make the maneouvre, match your vehicle’s speed with that of the vehicles already on the motorway, spot a gap, indicate

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Highways Agency proposes new motorway speed cameras

If you drive on the M25, M1 or M6, the Highways Agency has you in its speed camera sights. It is proposing ‘stealth cameras’ – ones that are grey rather than bright yellow – to enforce the 70mph limit. Until

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Motorway limit to be reduced to 60mph

The government has proposed dropping the speed limit from 70mph to 60mph on a 32-mile section of the M1 running through South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, and is considering it for other sections of motorway around the country. European Union restrictions

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Driving safely on motorways

Motorways have a high average travelling speed outside of obvious traffic jams and roadworks. The big advantage to safety on a motorway is that all traffic is travelling in the same direction. However, there are factors that make motorway driving

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