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What do you do if you have lost your speeding ticket?

A fixed penalty notice is issued to speed up the paperwork involved in minor traffic offences to prevent them ending up in court. Your local police website will more than likely have details about what to do if you misplace your

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Speed camera locations in the UK

Police use a mixture of static cameras, mobile cameras and speed detection within patrol cars therefore you could be caught at any time. However, there are published lists of speed camera locations in different areas of the UK which are

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France introduces new laws you need to know if driving there

In response to road deaths increasing 3.7% to 3388 people in 2014, French authorities (who are committed to a target of no more than 2000 deaths per year) have introduced 26 new measures, most of which are effective immediately. If

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Highways Agency proposes new motorway speed cameras

If you drive on the M25, M1 or M6, the Highways Agency has you in its speed camera sights. It is proposing ‘stealth cameras’ – ones that are grey rather than bright yellow – to enforce the 70mph limit. Until

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