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How to safely use your handbrake or parking brake in a car

Whenever you are parked, you should use your handbrake (also called parking brake, emergency brake or e-brake). Different cars have different procedures and different ways of applying this brake. It can be a lever between the seats, a foot-operated brake

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Dashboard brake warning lights

There are six different lights on your dashboard which warn you about your brakes. When you start your car you’ll see some of them illuminate and then disappear. Brake hydraulics If you are low on brake fluid or there is

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What is Brake Testing?

Brake testing is a term often used in motor racing, but it can be applied to driving on the road, too. It’s where the driver in front intentionally brakes early, or harder than usual in order to force a driver

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Public support for 20mph limits. Is Brake’s research flawed?

Brake and Allianz recently conducted a poorly worded survey that erroneously indicates there is strong public support for 20mph limits. Brake already is pushing for a 20mph speed limit as the default on urban roads via its GO 20 campaign.

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Highways Agency proposes new motorway speed cameras

If you drive on the M25, M1 or M6, the Highways Agency has you in its speed camera sights. It is proposing ‘stealth cameras’ – ones that are grey rather than bright yellow – to enforce the 70mph limit. Until

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