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What is a graduated driver licencing system?

In the UK we study the Highway Code theory while we are learning the practical skills of driving. We take the theory test before we take the practical test, then we’re qualified to drive. In a graduated driver licencing system,

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What is a UK digital driving licence?

A digital driving licence can be stored on your smartphone or another secure portable device (e.g. a tablet). They are designed to be a convenient way of proving your identity as we all carry around a smartphone, so it’s one

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Do you really need a drivers licence in the UK?

Fewer and fewer people are getting a drivers licence in the UK because of these reasons: Expenses: it’s not the cars and bikes themselves – they’ve become relatively cheaper over the years now we have open borders and mass production

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Learning to drive in winter

We’re only a month or so away from the shortest day, the clocks went back a month ago and if you have just started learning to drive, congratulations, but things aren’t going to get any easier as regards weather and

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Driving with diabetes in the UK

Diabetes is a condition which affects blood sugar levels. In turn, this can reduce your ability to drive well due to changes in your coordination, concentration, alertness and vision. Having diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up

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TRL report recommends restrictions on young drivers

The government commissioned a report from TRL in response to Department of Transport figures for 2011 showing rising numbers of 17-25-year-olds are involved in crashes. 22 percent of fatalities on Britain’s roads occur in incidents involving drivers in this age

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Getting a heavy vehicle driving licence in the UK

You have to apply for the correct provisional entitlements if you want to become a lorry or coach driver. If you wish to drive a lorry or a coach as a profession you’ll have to complete the Driver Certificate of

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