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Types of drawbar trailer coupling damage and how to stop it happening

A drawbar trailer is a convenient way to extend the cargo capacity of a rigid truck when required, without having to constantly pull a half-empty semitrailer. Drawbar trailers have a specific method to couple them with the towing vehicle (this

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What is a drawbar trailer?

There are two main types of heavy trailers: a semitrailer and a drawbar trailer. A drawbar trailer is a self-supporting, unpowered trailer which has at least one axle at either end of the trailer. The front axle is connected to

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How do you stop a trailer swaying (swinging from side-to-side)?

If you tow a trailer using a tow bar there’s a risk that the trailer can swing from side-to-side if it’s not loaded correctly. What starts as a moderate trailer sway can quickly turn into a situation where it jack-knifes

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Tips for towing a caravan

A caravan with a long overhang at the back can suffer from swing out

The kids have just gone back to school, so now’s the time sensible people can venture out on holiday, and if you’re thinking about taking your accommodation with you then a caravan gives you a lot of flexibility to find

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Driving licence required for towing a caravan or trailer

The rules for towing a caravan or trailer are not that easy to remember because whether you can tow one depends on the weight of your car, the weight of the caravan and when you passed your licence. You used

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Rules and guidelines for towing

Rule 98 of the Highway Code addresses towing. In order to tow a trailer or caravan you will need a tow ball (also called a tow bar, tow hitch or trailer hitch). For cars, these are predominantly of two types: a

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When can you use hazard warning lights?

Our hazard warnings lights are our indicators flashing in unison. They are used to warn other drivers. They are usually activated by pushing a button with a red triangle on that will be located most frequently in the middle of

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