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Rumble strips explained

Sometimes the road surface is created with or coated with something that causes audible and/or tactile feedback to the driver to warn of approaching danger – i.e. you hear the noise the tyres make on the lines and you feel

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Lane Bus: tagging roads around the world since 1940

I always read it as ‘lane bus’ the same as I read ‘way give’ on the road, too. Interestingly, the first bus lane was built in Chicago in 1940. The first bus lane in the UK was on Vauxhall Bridge

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What are the different road stud colours and what do they mean?

As you are driving you’ll see reflective road studs marking the road. These are also called reflective studs and cat’s eyes, because as you approach them they look like a pair of cat’s eyes on the road, and they originated here

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