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Is it illegal to splash pedestrians with a puddle

When it rains, puddles collect in and near the gutter and in the hundreds of thousands of potholes that litter the UK’s roads. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid them. For pedestrians on the pavement they are at risk of being splashed

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How do the police and government encourage lawful driving?

A number of pressure points are used by the police, local councils, roading authorities and the government in order to encourage (or force) people to comply with road rules. They are mostly either fear-based and result in some kind of

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Can you ask someone else to take your speeding points?

If you’re a learner and get a speeding ticket you have the option to take a £110 driver awareness course instead of taking the penalty points and paying a fine. But let’s say you have a full licence and you’ve already

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Tailgating – what is it and what are the fines?

Tailgating is when one driver follows another driver within a distance that makes it impossible to stop if the vehicle ahead stops suddenly. It can range from unintentional through to aggressive and extremely dangerous. Drivers tailgate for a number of

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Parking grace period called for – perhaps the UK can learn from Auckland?

Currently if you overstay your parking by any time at all you can be fined. This contributes to a deep-rooted public perception that parking enforcement is just a good way of making money by local authorities, and doesn’t take into

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