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10 new technology features in cars (+videos)

Whether you’ve just learned to drive and are choosing your first car, or whether you’ve been driving 50 years, there’s probably new technology in cars that you don’t know about and in this article we’ll discover ten different systems. They¬†come

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Can you use cruise control in the rain?

Every year an email does the rounds about a woman who had cruise control on when driving while it was raining, she began to hydroplane (aquaplane) and her car ‘literally flew’ through the air. Basically she crashed, and you can

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12 more vehicle functions you might not know

Safety Window lock The window lock prevents passengers from operating the electric windows. This can be useful if you have children in the back, or a dog that steps on the switch (dogs shouldn’t really be carried unrestrained). The switch

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Tips to help you stay under the speed limit

Speed limit enforcement is a major focus by police and traffic agencies globally. There are a number of reasons for this: faster speeds mean you are less likely to survive an accident and (in general) more likely to have one,

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