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Is it illegal to drift on the road even if you are still in control?

Let’s say you put a professional drifter in a car – someone like Duane McKeever, someone who has consummate car control even when going sideways at 90mph – would they be allowed to drift on a public road? While there

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How do you prevent car relay theft?

What is car relay theft? Car relay theft, relay attack or keyless car theft is when a criminal tricks your vehicle’s keyless entry system into thinking that the wireless remote is in range. It only works on cars where you

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Crash for cash and vehicle insurance scams

What is crash for cash? Crash for cash (sometimes called cash for crash) is where one or more criminals deliberately cause a crash in order to defraud the insurance company. The most common scenario is a car in front of

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Stamping out illegal driving instructors

ADIs, or Approved Driving Instructors, go through a rigorous training process to ensure that they are fit to teach driving, and that they know their topic thoroughly. If you want to see part of the process, you can check out

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How to reduce the chance of a vehicle break-in

With the warmer weather you’re likely to be travelling places and leaving your car unattended in different locations. You’ll probably have things with you – road trip paraphernalia. If your car gets broken into, it’s often more expensive to claim

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