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Can you drive while blind in one eye (monocular vision)?

The challenges of driving with one eye are: Depth perception Field of vision (i.e. the nose blocks peripheral vision on the opposite side of the good eye) However, it is possible to drive with only one functioning eye as long

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Vehophobia: the fear of driving and how to get over it

Vehophobia is the fear of driving. All fears of driving are learned fears; we aren’t born with a fear of driving. The fears develop as a result of experiences in or around vehicles, or they become part of related fear,

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Can you drive if you are deaf?

Driving while deaf is allowed but it is advisable to be aware of the limitations and additional challenges that driving without being able to hear the environment around you can bring. Drivers who have partial deafness may find it easier

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Smoking and driving – is it dangerous?

Recently it’s been in the news about the proposed ban on smoking with children in the car that will come into effect in October 2015. If you smoke in a car that’s carrying a passenger between 0-17, even if you

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Managing health risks for bus and lorry drivers

Professional drivers will tell you that, in general, there has been a deterioration in working conditions over the past several decades in terms of traffic pollution, traffic congestion, noise pollution, and the demand to meet schedules. Bus drivers find it

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Health risks in being an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Much is made of health and safety in the workplace for Approved Driving Instructors and it’s primarily to do with having a safe car and not putting students at risk. The problem is that many ADIs are not aware of

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