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Do you need an idling policy?

Unnecessary idling in cars, lorries and buses contributes to a large amount of wasted fuel. It results in air pollution, noise pollution and increased engine wear. Modern vehicles do not need to idle. In the past, drivers will have been

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How much damage does driving cause to the environment?

There is no doubt that driving has negative effects on the environment. Some are obvious and some not so obvious. While it’s difficult for many people to get rid of their cars due to reasons such as lack of public

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Health risks in being an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Much is made of health and safety in the workplace for Approved Driving Instructors and it’s primarily to do with having a safe car and not putting students at risk. The problem is that many ADIs are not aware of

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What affects how people travel to work?

The European Commission has studied 112 European cities with populations between 100,000 to 500,000 residents to see what factors influence how people travel to work. The rationale is that work-related travel contributes to traffic pollution and traffic congestion and discovering

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