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Smoking banned while driving with children from October 2015

From October 1 2015 it will be illegal to smoke in a car if you are carrying a passenger that is under 18 years old. The fine is £50 and brings England in line with Wales. This applies whether you are

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Are Accidents Really Just Crashes?

Some road safety campaigners want to do away with the word ‘accident’ because they believe that when you have an ‘incident’ or ‘crash’ or ‘collision’ on the road that it is not an accident. RoadPeace has been imploring the British

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Preventing accidental runovers of children in driveways

Every year several children die and many are injured as a result of being run over in a driveway, usually by a parent, friend or relative. The majority of these children are between 2-5 years old as they have rapid

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Avoiding deer on the road

There are six main species of deer in the UK and the 1.5 million of them living in the wild cause up to 74,000 traffic accidents every year in the UK. Several human fatalities result from these accidents, as well

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Common injuries in motorbike accidents

The amount of injuries and their severity depends on how fast you are going, what you hit and how much protective clothing you are wearing. Protective clothing will minimise injuries, not necessarily eliminate them completely. If you don’t have any protective

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Lowside and highside motorbike crashes explained (+videos)

Two common types of crashes on a motorbike are the lowside and highside crash. Both of them start with one of the wheels beginning to slide from underneath the rider, but they end in spectacularly different outcomes. Riders would prefer to

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Airframe Statistic helmet shows you where you’re most likely to hit in a crash

Do you wear a full-face helmet, or an open-face helmet? A new helmet by Icon called the Airframe Statistic is a sobering look at the probability of each part of your helmet taking an impact in the event of a

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