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Learner driver test price drops again in October

Last October (2014) the fee for a car or motorbike driving theory test fell by £6, taking the cost of a test from £31 to £25. This October the price reduces another £2 to £23 (don’t spend it all at once!) Other

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Electric bikes: an alternative to a motorbike before you are 16

If you need to travel a reasonably long distance to school or to a job but you’re not old enough to ride a motorbike, an electric bike could be the way to go. You can ride an electric bike from

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Driving with Epilepsy

If you have not experienced any symptoms of epilepsy before and then you have a seizure of any kind you must stop driving and notify DVSA using this form if you drive a car or ride a motorbike, or this

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Unusual road rules in Europe

If you’re heading off to Europe for a late summer holiday and you’ll be driving there you will find some rules that won’t be familiar to you if you’ve only driven here in the UK. If you don’t have a

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15 dangerous road surfaces for motorbikes

Two-wheeled vehicles are much more unstable than four-wheeled vehicles on inconsistent road surfaces. It’s impossible for our roads to be 100% perfect at all times which is why it’s important for motorcyclists to scan the road ahead. Whether you’re just

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Important mechanical and safety checks for your motorbike

Owning a motorbike means you will need to perform regular safety and mechanical checks to keep it roadworthy. They will help you minimise your risk of having a breakdown and will ensure that your bike’s performance is kept as good

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Using countersteering to turn your motorbike

Your motorbike handlebars turn left and right. To a person that doesn’t ride it seems obvious that to steer left you turn the bars to the left, and vice versa. However, this isn’t the case once you are moving above

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