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Uncommon road information signs in the UK

Information signs are rectangular shaped road signs which advise road users about upcoming lane restrictions, junctions, merging road lanes, and special zones. Below are some of the uncommon information signs which are not included in the Highway Code test that you will encounter when you drive in the UK. You can try the Highway Code signs test here.

advance-warning-of-restriction-ahead-information-sign Advance warning or restriction ahead. These compound signs give you more information about an upcoming hazard than just a plain height restriction sign and allow you to plan an exit before you reach the obstacle.
 vehicles-permitted-to-use-hov-information-sign Vehicles permitted to use an HOV (High Occupancy Vehicles) lane ahead. HOV lanes or carpool lanes will have signs indicating the minimum number of people required in the vehicle for it to be allowed in the lane. In this case a car must have two or more people. Motorbikes, bikes and buses can use the lane but HGVs over 7.5 tonnes are not allowed.
 additional-traffic-joining-from-left-information-sign Additional traffic joining from the left ahead. You should prepare to merge and be aware that traffic might brake suddenly in the left lane, so keep your distances above 2 seconds behind the car in front in dry weather and 4 seconds in wet weather.
 motorway-service-area-sign-showing-the-operators-name-information-sign Motorway service area sign showing the operator’s name. The sign shows the distance (half a mile), indicative fuel price, and what type of facilities there are (in this case disabled facilities, general information, LPG, food and drink, and accommodation. ‘Good food’ is open to debate.
 lane-designated-for-use-by-hov-information-sign Lane designated for use by HOVs. This is a carpool lane where each car must have 2 or more occupants between 7-9am and 4-6pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours other vehicles can use the lane.
 start-of-motorway-and-point-from-which-motorway-regulations-apply-information-sign Start of the motorway and the point from which motorway regulations apply such as speed limits.
 tourist-information-point-information-sign Tourist information point.
 steam-railway-tourist-information-sign Steam railway tourist information sign. Tourist signs are brown.
 recommended-route-for-pedal-cycles-information-sign Recommended route for pedal cycles.
 stack-type-information-sign Stack type information sign. When you first start driving, learning to quickly take in sign information will be a challenge when driving in new areas. These signs show the next major village or town and the road you are taking to get there.
 appropriate-traffic-lanes-at-junction-ahead-information-sign Appropriate traffic lanes at junction ahead. These are often shown where drivers might become confused about where they should be in order to turn.
 area-in-which-cameras-are-used-to-enforce-traffic-regulations-information-sign Area in which cameras are used to enforce traffic regulations.
 hospital-ahead-with-accident-and-emergency-facilities-information-sign Hospital ahead with Accident and Emergency facilities. In this case the hospital is not open 24 hours.
 entrance-to-controlled-parking-zone-information-sign Entrance to controlled parking zone. No waiting is allowed during the times shown.
 entrance-to-congestion-charging-zone-information-sign Entrance to congestion charging zone. If you drive in this area between 7am-6.30pm Monday to Friday you will have to pay a congestion charge unless you drive a vehicle that is exempt from the charges.
 congestion-zone-ends-information-sign  Congestion zone ends. This marks the end point on the road of the congestion charging zone.

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