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Can you film or record your driving test?

DVSA generally does not allow you to film or record your driving tests, or to take any footage on its premises. This includes both audio recordings and video recordings from inside or outside the vehicle, and applies to theory tests, practical driving tests and riding tests.

However, there is one exception: if the camera is fitted for insurance purposes, faces outside the vehicle (forwards or backwards), and doesn’t record audio, then it is OK. However, DVSA will not accept any footage for the purposes of challenging your test result, or commenting on the conduct of a driving examiner.

TV and media companies

TV and media companies can get permission from DVSA for filming, but DVSA wants editorial control over the finished product if it’s done for promotional or educational programmes. Journalists┬ácan get in touch with them by phoning 0115 936 6135 or emailing [email protected].

DVSA officials may film activities for educational purposes but will seek permission from all those involved.

Can a driving examiner stop a test if it’s being recorded?

If an examiner sees a camera in your vehicle then they may request for you to turn it off if you have not sought permission. Make sure you make the examiner aware before you start the test if you have a camera for insurance purposes.

There are a multitude of ways that a test could be recorded. Most smartphones record video, there are small, discrete cameras, and even products like Google Glass. However, if you try to record the test using a covert method and the examiner finds out they will stop the test. You may be given an opportunity to turn off the recording equipment. If you can’t do this quickly and easily the examiner will end the test and you’ll lose your test fee.

Data Protection Act

If you are recording video or audio that captures personal information then you must follow the Data Protection Act guidelines.

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