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Animal road signs from North America

Check out these road signs from North America and Canada. If you end up driving over there you will be driving on the right rather than the left. North America still has large animals that have been eradicated from the UK centuries ago, like bears, moose and wolves. If you do hit an animal, be cautious about approaching it, especially if it’s something like a panther or a bear. An injured animal may still have some fight in it and could injure you.

If you injure an animal call a local vet to find out what to do.

badger-crossing-sign-america Badger fur is traditionally used in shaving brushes. You don’t want to be pulling it out of your grille, so be careful when driving after you see this sign.
 bear-zone-sign-america Bears are substantial beasts and will create a large dent in your fender. If you hit them on a motorbike, it could cause you to go over your handlebars. And then you have to deal with an angry bear.
 beware-of-bears-sign-america A variation of the bear sign showing cubs.
 beware-of-panthers-sign-america Panthers aren’t frequently seen, but you might see their eyes in your headlights.
 bighorn-sheep-crossing-sign-america Bighorn sheep are larger than normal sheep, but similarly mentally endowed. They can be spooked and run into the path of your vehicle.
 buffalos-warning-sign-america Bison are large mammals, bigger than a cow. While once widespread, they’re now confined to a few areas.
 cattle-crossing-sign-us-america Cattle are to be found in many places. Also watch for large herds being moved between feedlots.
 cayote-crossing-sign-america Coyotes are small dogs. They are difficult to see at night.
 dear-crossing-sign-america Deer are skittish and can run into the path of your vehicle. They also will tend to stand and stare at your headlights as you drive straight for them.
 donkey-crossing-sign-america Donkeys and wild horses can be a problem in some states.
 duck-crossing-america Ducks have notoriously poor road judgement. They will walk out in front of you, often with 6-7 ducklings in tow. Tooting your horn often doesn’t work. You just have to stop and wait.
 equestrian-warning-sign-america This road sign is found in many rural areas, plus if there are equestrian facilities nearby. Give horses a wide berth when driving as they can be spooked easily and could throw the rider off underneath your vehicle.
 goat-crossing-sign-america Goat herds can be large in some places.
 moose-area-sign-america In the northern states you will often see moose. Larger than a horse, they do not have road sense and will stare at your headlights up until the moment you hit them. Moose are dangerous to hit in a car because their body mass is at the same height as your windscreen. Hitting them will take their legs from under them, sending the body into your windscreen.
 sheep-crossing-sign-america Sheep signs will be found in rural areas. Watch also for large flocks being moved by shepherds and farmers.
 snake-crossing-arizona-america Snakes will often lie on the warm tarmac. Be careful – if you run one over, don’t approach it to see if it’s OK as it might bite you.
 wildlife-on-road-sign-america A general sign seen where there might be a number of different animals.

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