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Animal road signs from the UK

Check out these road signs from the UK. While other countries such as the USA, New Zealand and Australia have animal road signs in yellow and black, the majority of our signs are a red triangle with a white centre and a black diagram.

 badger-crossing-sign-uk This sign is apparently a badger, although it doesn’t look like it.
 by-pass-cattle-grid-sign-uk A self-explanatory written sign.
 cattle-grid-warning-sign-uk A cattle grid is a metal grid in the road that stops livestock from crossing the road. If there’s a cattle grid you should expect to look out for sheep, goats and/or cows on the road.
 cattle-warning-sign-uk Cows on the road can be well-camouflaged at night. They also don’t move fast and weigh a lot.
 deer-warning-sign-uk Deer and elk are large and skittish. They can be frightened into the path of your vehicle.
 farm-traffic-sign-uk Farm traffic will mostly mean tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery. However, it also indicates that a farm is around here and that might mean livestock on the roads, either through an escape, or the farmer moving them between fields.
 horse-drawn-vehicle-warning-sign-uk Horse-drawn carriages and buggies can still be found in some places. This warns that you might come across one and you need to give it a wide berth to avoid spooking the horse.
 horse-riders-warning-sign-uk Horses can be spooked by traffic, causing them to rear up and possibly throw the rider into the path of traffic. Give them a wide berth and don’t use your horn.
 horse-warning-sign-uk This sign indicates that horses without riders are being kept nearby and there is the risk of them escaping; or there may be wild horses.
 otters-warning-sign-uk Otters are smaller animals and you may not see them on the road.
 police-dogs-on-patrol-warning-sign-uk This sign indicates police dogs may be in training or patrol in this area. As they are highly trained they are unlikely to make rash moves around vehicles.
 red-squirrels-warning-sign-uk Squirrels are common in urban and rural areas. They might dash out of verges.
 sheep-warning-sign-uk Sheep can escape and have zero road sense. You might encounter a flock being moved by a farmer, too.
 toad-warning-sign-uk Toads – they’re jumpy. But they also sit there on the road. Look  out for them in wetland areas.
 wild-fowl-warning-sign-uk Ducks have zero road sense, often choosing to cross when you are almost at them, along with their ducklings.
wild-fowl-warning-sign-uk Hedgehogs have poor eyesight and prefer snuffling around for worms and beetles. They’re likely to roll into a ball when feeling threatened.

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