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Animal road signs from Latin America

Following on in our animal road signs series, check out these road signs from Latin America. They may have animals that you’ve never seen before, so it’s best to admire them at a distance (and alive) rather than dead and flattened by your wheels. You can also check out our UK animal road signs and North American animal road signs overviews.

 coatimundi-crossing-sign-south-guatemala You might see this coatimundi crossing sign in Guatemala.
 deer-crossing-sign-guatemala Deer are common in areas in Central and South America. This sign is from Guatemala
 human-dog-sloth-monkey-crossing-costa-rica In Costa Rica apparently you can see a human, dog, sloth and monkey in an orderly progression.
 iguanas-warning-sign-nicaragua In Nicaragua you might see this iguanas sign.
 jaguar-crossing-sign-guatemala In countries in South and Central America you might see this jaguar crossing sign.
 llamas-warning-sign-argentina Argentina and Peru are famous for llamas.
 marsupialis-area-sign-columbia-america This sign is from Columbia.
 monkey-crossing-sign-costa-rica In Costa Rica you can sometimes see this monkey sign.
 respect-wildlife-sign-argentina “Respect wildlife” – sign in Argentina
 sloth-crossing-sign-costa-rica Sloths can be slowly crossing the road in Costa Rica
 snake-crossing-sign-guatemala Snakes can be found in most places in Central and South America.
 turkey-crossing-sign-guatemala The ubiquitous turkey is in most places in Latin America.

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