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Uncommon road signs giving orders in the UK

Below are the uncommon road signs giving orders. They are not included in the Highway Code test, however, you will see them frequently on the road.

 weak-bridge-sign No vehicles over maximum gross weight shown. The reason is explained: it’s a weak bridge that is not designed to take loads over this amount.
 quiet-lane-sign Quiet lane. This indicates that you should drive slowly as you are sharing it with pedestrians and other road users.
 quiet-lane-ends-sign Quiet lane ends.
 pedestrian-crossing-point-over-tramway-sign Pedestrian crossing point over tramway.
 parking-for-permit-holders-only-sign Parking restricted to permit holders. If you don’t have a permit then you risk a parking fine.
 no-stopping-during-times-shown-sign No stopping during times shown except for as long as necessary to set down or pick up passengers. In this case it’s 8-9:30am and 4:30-6:30pm.
 no-stopping-during-period-except-for-buses-sign No stopping during period indicated except for buses. Unlike the urban clearway, you must not stop at all, not even to pick up or drop off passengers.
 give-way-to-traffic-on-major-road-sign Give way to traffic on major road. The give way rules apply here.
 manually-operated-stop-sign Manually operated ‘STOP’ sign. This stop is compulsory.
 manually-operated-go-sign Manually operated ‘GO’ sign. Go if it’s safe to do so.
 no-left-turn-sign No left turn.
 no-right-turn-sign No right turn.
 no-towed-caravans-sign No towed caravans. This could be for a number of reasons, such as the road isn’t suitable for caravans.
 no-vehicles-carrying-explosives-sign No vehicles carrying explosives.
 no-vehicles-except-bicycles-being-pushed-sign No vehicles except bicycles being pushed.
 school-crossing-patrol-sign School crossing patrol.

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