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Simple and effective solutions to reduce gas emissions in the atmosphere

Is that car journey necessary? Driving pumps greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and it’s often possible to choose options that are ‘greener’ and release less pollution. Pollution from the burning of fossil fuels is an environmental hazard that has been accelerating since the industrial revolution and with the changes in climate, it’s getting worse. Pollution has caused the rise in asthma and other respiratory problems. But not only that, it’s bad for the environment. One way to help reduce the amount of pollution is to go green by reducing your carbon footprint. We can accomplish that by using some simple and effective solutions. This article will provide you with some of them.

1. Ride a bike

Perhaps the simplest way to reduce your carbon footprint is to ride a bike. Not only will you be helping the environment by reducing the amount of gas emissions in the atmosphere, but you’ll get some exercise while doing it! 

2. Ride an e-scooter 

That’s not all when it comes to transportation. Another alternative to traditional forms of transport can be E Scooters. These things are fairly cheap, you can charge them at home without the need of an outlet or somewhere outside, and some even get charged by the sun while sitting in your driveway. 

3. Take public transport

Buses, trains and trams are already making the journey so, even though adding you to it will use slightly more fossil fuels because of the marginal extra weight, it’s nowhere near as much as taking a private vehicle. The other benefits are that you’ll get some exercise walking to catch it and you’ll save money on parking and your own petrol or diesel use. Public transport wouldn’t include ride sharing services as that’s simply a private vehicle that now has to carry two people rather than one; the benefits would be marginal at best, even if they were driving a hybrid or electric vehicle, because they have to drive to pick you up, which is inefficient in itself.

4. Get an electric vehicle

If sustainably generated electricity is available in your area (i.e. using solar, wind power, hydroelectric or geothermal, as opposed to electricity generated by burning coal), then driving an electric vehicle will reduce your carbon emissions over time (not initially, though, as there’s still the carbon cost of producing the vehicle itself).

5.  Walk

Walking improves your digestion, gives you time to think, eliminates carbon emissions and helps keep you fit.

6. Shop online

Courier deliveries, when aggregated over the whole city, are more efficient than you driving to a shopping centre and purchasing one item. This is because many people’s items are taken at once and it’s possible that the real carbon cost is simply the distance between your delivery and the previous delivery which could be less than a kilometre away. They may not be more efficient, however, if you order a large number of items from different stores that are in the same area.

Most things that you do will have a carbon footprint and therefore there are a multitude of ways to cut it down, from choosing different foods to ensuring you’re not wasting power at home, but transport emissions are a significant contributor to greenhouse gases and with some simple changes, you can make a meaningful difference.

Darren has owned several companies in the automotive, advertising and education industries. He has run driving theory educational websites since 2010.

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