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How can you take an easier theory test?

Abridged theory test

Rather than take the 50-question theory test, you can take a 35-question theory test if you have received a Safe Road User award in the last three years. The pass mark is much easier – just 30 questions out of the 35 rather than 43 out of 50. You still have to do the 14 hazard perception clips.

Taking the Safe Road User course means that you would have already answered 20 questions from the Highway Code.

Designed to help change driving attitudes and build road sense among young people in the UK, it was developed in collaboration with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

Why is there an abridged theory test and Safe Road User award?

The government wants to reduce serious deaths and injuries on the roads and is targeting education of young people. When young people move from driving with a friend, relative or parent to driving on their own, the attitudes they have about driving and their ability to process the amount of information required when driving influences the likelihood they’ll have a crash. Young, inexperienced drivers are involved in a disproportionate number of incidents and it’s often other vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians that pay the price.

Ensuring that young road users start with the right attitude is easier than trying to retrain existing drivers. Over time, this should have a flow-on effect of better driving standards, regardless of the vehicle they are using.

What does the award teach?

It consists of two Units which will enable you to:

  • develop responsible, careful and considerate attitudes towards yourself and other road users
  • develop the knowledge and understanding you need to be a safe road user

The principal aims of the Award are to enable candidates to:

  • develop responsible, careful and considerate attitudes towards road use
  • develop positive, considerate behaviour when using the road
  • become more proficient when using the road
  • understand the impact that other roads users have on them and the impact that they may have on other road users
  • understand the importance of co-operating and communicating with other road users in a safe and constructive manner
  • prepare for a journey by road by identifying the factors to be considered before setting out
  • understand the key elements of the Highway Code.

It is usually given to people aged 14-16 in schools, colleges, youth clubs, etc. It does not include actual driving instruction or experience but draws on the candidates’ experience of being a road user as a cyclist, pedestrian or being driven by an adult such as a parent.

How to book the abridged theory test

You can’t book the abridged theory test online; use the phone number below. You need:

  • your provisional UK driving licence number
  • your Safe Road User Award certificate number
  • a credit or debit card

DVSA theory test booking support
Telephone: 0300 200 11 22
Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm

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