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Animal road signs from Africa

Check out these road signs from Africa. This is the fourth in our series of international animal road signs. They may have animals that you’ve never seen before, so it’s best to admire them at a distance (and alive) rather than dead and flattened by your wheels. You can also check out our Latin American animal road signsUK animal road signs and North American animal road signs overviews.

 baboons-warning-sign-africa Self-explanatory really. Baboons are inquisitive and might jump on your car
 beware-of-lions-sign-africa You’ll be safe from lions if you stay in your car.
 cows-warning-sign-africa Cattle roam freely in some places in Africa.
 cattle-sign-africa This is a different cattle sign.
 dung-beetle-crossing-sign-africa Dung beetles roll balls of dung sometimes many metres, and sometimes across roads.
 elephant-warning-sign-africa Elephants are well-camouflaged at night. Hitting one will undoubtedly cause huge damage to your vehicle, and it could cause the elephant (if wounded) to attack the vehicle.
 giraffes-warning-sign-africa Giraffes are large and it’s best to avoid hitting them.
 hayenas-warning-sign-africa If you see a sign warning of hyenas, get out of the car at your own risk.
 hippo-warning-sign-africa Hippos are extremely dangerous, and very large.
 horses-and-riders-sign-africa You will see horses and riders in some places. This sign might be shown near an equestrian centre.
 kudus-warning-sign-africa Gazelles, kudus, antelope and other nimble ungulates are common in some areas.
 leopard-zone-sign-africa Leopards are well-camouflaged in long grass.
 oryx-warning-sign-africa Oryx have large horns and are the size of cattle.
 ostrich-farm-and-riding-sign-africa Some ostrich farms offer riding experiences.
 ostrich-warning-sign-africa This sign warns of wild ostriches.
 rhino-area-sign-africa Rhinos are built like a tank and they may charge vehicles. Stay clear of them.
 sheep-sign-africa Sheep are common in some areas and may be in flocks, or wandering free.
 turtles-warning-sign-africa Tortoises cannot move out of the way quickly.
 vulture-area-warning-sign-africa Vultures can be sitting feasting on road kill. They will cause a large dent if you hit one.
 warthog-zone-africa Warthogs are solidly built pig-sized animals.
 wild-dog-crossing-place-sign-africa Wild dogs can sometimes be found in packs near roads.
 wild-horse-warning-sign-africa Wild horses pose the same dangers as antelopes.
 zebras-warning-sign-africa Zebras are horse-sized animals and you might see them moving in herds across the road. They are well-camouflaged against long grass.

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