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How do you find an EV charging point?

There are several ways to find electric vehicle charging points in the UK:

  1. Use an EV charging app: There are several smartphone apps available, such as Zap-Map and PlugShare, which show the locations of charging points and provide real-time information on availability and pricing.
  2. Check your vehicle’s navigation system: Many electric vehicles have a built-in navigation system that includes charging point locations. However, these can go out of date quickly unless there’s a way of updating them.
  3. Check with your local council: Some local councils in the UK have their own charging point maps or information on where to find charging points in their area.
  4. Scotland’s charging points are available on the ChargePlaceScotland website
  5. Check with your charging provider: If you have signed up with a specific charging provider, they may have an app or website that provides information on their charging points and other partner charging points.
  6. Some other websites such as Carwow have interactive maps.
  7. Google Maps shows charging points.
  8. Look out for signage when on the road
  9. Many shopping centres and the odd petrol station have EV charging spots
Screenshot from ChargePlaceScotland. Ensure that you click on the charger icon to check that your car is compatible with the chargers available
In Google Maps, searching for ‘EV charger near [town]’ will show that town with the EV chargers noted.

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