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Can you use an electric bike for your motorcycle test?

Electric scooters and motorbikes

Electric motorcycles and mopeds must have the same engine power as the petrol version and must be able to maintain that power for at least 30 minutes. You will fail your test if your electric motorbike runs out of power during the test.

These bikes must be approved for use in the UK and have a current WoF.

Electric scooter

Electric bikes

SomeĀ electric mountain bikes have a similar power rating to scooters (i.e. around 4kW) and can even look a bit like motorbikes but as they are not road registered and cannot be legally ridden on the road, you are not permitted to use them when taking your motorbike test.

The motorbike theory test is the same, regardless of whether you ride a petrol-powered motorbike or an electric motorbike.

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