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Social media groups for HGV drivers in the UK

Whether you’ve been a lorry driver for years, or you’re just starting on your way to getting your licence, getting involved in online communities can help you find job opportunities, get advice, discover tips and tricks for driving, meet like-minded people, and look at pictures and videos that are trucking and transport-related (both new and historic).

Many of the Facebook groups are closed groups where you will need to apply for membership (which is free); this is to reduce the amount of spam. It’s much easier to get accepted as a member if your profile or background picture has something related to heavy goods vehicles in it.

Once you join a group, make sure you check out the rules so that you don’t get banned!


Facebook has a huge number of groups and this is just a sampling of the more popular ones. There are specific regional groups so if you don’t see one that suits you here, try searching your county, city or town to see if a group exists.

General interest

Professional HGV Drivers Only: a closed group of over 9300 members for general chat about lorries

HGV Drivers Forum UK: a closed group of over 12,400 members for UK truckers to discuss traffic info, safe places to stop overnight, job vacancies and life as a trucker.

Truck Drivers UK: a closed group of over 600 members that are truck drivers

Truck Spotters UK: a closed group of over 1700 members that share photos of HGVs/LGVs of all types.

HGV Drivers Can Park Here: a closed group of over 1200 members for drivers to rant about various things

HGV Drivers Stand United: a closed group of over 3200 members to discuss issues that affect drivers within the road haulage industry – more serious debate rather than general chat.

HGV Driver Assist: a closed group of over 900 members that help assist drivers find places to park up overnight

Types of trucks

Removal Lorries in UK & Ireland: a closed group of over 700 members that post photos of removal and furniture lorries throughout the UK and Ireland.

UK Recovery Trucks: a closed group of over 5800 members that share photos of, and talk about, recovery and breakdown trucks.

Timber Tractors and Lorries: a closed group of over 1400 members that share photos of various timber industry-related heavy machinery

Timber Trucks UK: a public group of over 1600 members that share photos of, and talk about, logging/timber trucks in the UK.

Tanker Trucks UK & The Rest: a public group of over 100 members that share photos of tanker trucks in the UK.

Bin Lorries and Waste Management Vehicles: a closed group of over 1000 people that share photos of bin lorries and waste management vehicles

Specific brands/marques

ERF Lorries: a public group of over 3300 members for pictures, advice on maintenance and restoration, and general chat about ERF lorries

Hino Trucks & Lorries Dublin: a closed group of over 1100 members for photo of Hino lorries past and present

British Lorries…: a closed group of over 1500 members that only post and talk about British-built lorries from the early days to the present time.

Leyland Lorries: a closed group of over 1700 members that are dedicated to Leyland and Leyland Group trucks.

Employment and careers

HGV Driving Jobs: a closed group of over 10,100 members for sharing and applying for jobs in driving

HGV Drivers Jobs Direct: a closed group of over 8700 members run by a text jobs service.

HGV Driving Jobs South West England: a closed group of over 1600 members posting job vacancies for drivers in SW England.


Truckies haven’t really caught onto Google+ so you’ll need to look overseas for the bigger communities such as Truck Drivers (1000+ members, and has good pictures and videos), Truck Photography (has quite a few UK trucks, plus some pretty amazing ones from overseas), Trucking Photography (over 1000 members that share videos and images, some UK, but mostly USA), and Freight and Transportation (mostly news posts about the industry).

Some marques are represented in non-official pages, such as Scania.


LinkedIn tends to be used for business networking. You can follow companies, just like you would on Facebook, but there are also groups. Make sure that you have a professional-looking LinkedIn profile with your experience and information about yourself; this isn’t Facebook, so no pictures of your cat!

HGV and Driver CPC training


Try also searching ‘drivers uk’ and other phrases and you’ll find smaller groups.


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