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Are cyclists permitted to pass other vehicles on the left?

The rule is to keep left unless overtaking, but how does this work for cyclists who come across slow moving vehicle traffic during rush hour?

Cyclists can pass slower-moving traffic or stationary traffic on their right or left, but should do this cautiously because there is the potential to be car-doored (where a driver opens a door in front of the cyclist) or cut off:

  • Passengers could alight from a stationary vehicle in rush hour and elect to walk the remainder of the distance – be careful overtaking when you are next to the kerb
  • Buses stop to let passengers on and off – don’t overtake on the left when a bus is parked in a bus stop
  • Buses and trucks have large blind spots which cyclists can get lost in – watch for a bus or truck’s indicators to let you know whether they are about to turn

Don’t overtake on the left in a lane reserved for a different type of vehicle, unless cyclists are permitted to ride there

Be aware of vehicles that are likely to stop frequently and close to the kerb, for example, taxis, meter readers, etc.

Use cycle lanes where they are available and watch for faster cyclists coming past.

If you need to use the footpath, walking is the best option as you should not be riding on the footpath.

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