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What is an information traffic sign?

Information signs are always rectangular and are most commonly black and white or blue and white with red components unless they are tourist information signs which are brown and white. There are several different types of signs you’ll see on the UK’s roads:

  • Signs giving orders – tend to be either prohibiting something or giving positive instruction,
  • Warning signs – mostly triangular and warn of an upcoming hazard
  • Direction signs – point to destinations and areas of interest
  • Information signs – a mixture of signs that must be obeyed and signs that are simply informative; they are a collection of signs that didn’t fit in the other categories.

For example, a speed camera sign is purely to alert the driver of the camera, but doesn’t tell the driver to do anything in particular:

Whereas, a controlled zone sign indicates that you must not park there during certain times.

Some information signs could equally be warning signs, for example, a sign warning of a dead end

Or a sign telling you the appropriate lane for you to be in

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