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Common road information signs in the UK

Information signs are rectangular shaped road signs which usually have a blue background with white or white and red graphics. They advise road users about upcoming lane restrictions, junctions, merging road lanes, and special zones. When you drive in the UK you will encounter these signs frequently so its good to take a look at some of these common road information signs which can also be seen in the Highway Code test. Once you’ve studied them, take the road signs test by clicking here.

give-way-information-sign Traffic travelling in your direction has priority over oncoming vehicles. You might find this sign on a road or bridge where there is only enough room for one vehicle to pass. If there is another vehicle travelling towards you that is already in the narrow area, wait for it to pass and then you have the right of way.
 no-through-road-information-sign  No through road for vehicles. Your vehicle will not be able to pass through.
 no-through-road-on-the-left-information-sign   No through road on the left for vehicles If you take the road to the left, it is a dead end.
 end-of-motorway-information-sign  End of motorway. This means that motorway-specific rules stop such as speed limits, vehicle restrictions, etc.
 escape-lane-information-sign  Escape lane. The escape lane is for if your brakes fail and you are unable to stop.
 number-of-the-next-junction-information-sign  Number of the next junction. When you are navigating, it is a good idea to keep a mental note of the junction you should be exiting at.
 crawler-lane-information-sign  Crawler lane. If you are driving a vehicle that does not have the horsepower or torque to maintain normal traffic speeds on an incline you may see this sign which indicates a crawler lane for slow-moving vehicles.
 countdown-markers-at-motorway-exit-information-sign  These signs mark distance to, for example, a junction.
 bus-lane-on-road-at-junction-ahead-information-sign  Bus lane on road at junction ahead. Vehicles other than buses are prohibited unless there are accompanying signs that specifically state what other kinds of vehicles can use the bus lane.
 with-flow-bus-lane-which-pedal-cycles-may-also-use  With flow bus lane which pedal cycle may also use.
 end-of-controlled-parking-zone-information-sign  End of controlled parking zone.
 parking-one-mile-ahead-information-sign  Parking one mile ahead.
 parking-place-for-solo-motorcycles-information-sign  Parking for motorcycles.
 verge-parking-information-sign  Verge parking, as opposed to, for example, a dedicated car park.

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