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Official fuel economy figures: why are they so wrong?

Every car on the market comes with a fuel economy figure most commonly expressed in miles per gallon or, if you’re buying a grey import, sometimes litres per 100km. The tests have been around for over 30 years and no

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Calculating fuel economy and usage

Manufacturers quote a figure that indicates how fuel-efficient their cars are. Usually this is expressed in miles per gallon, but on some Japanese imports you might see litres per 100km or kilometres per litre. The figures are given as three

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Choosing a petrol vs diesel car

If you are choosing a new car (or even your first car) should you choose petrol or diesel? While petrol is cheaper to buy, diesel cars tend to be more economical. Petrol cars tend to be cheaper whereas diesel cars

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11 tips for improving your fuel economy

When you are learning to drive a car or ride a bike, the fuel used in practising can really add up (check out our calculator here).  If you are driving a heavy vehicle or passenger vehicle and want to make

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Highways Agency proposes new motorway speed cameras

If you drive on the M25, M1 or M6, the Highways Agency has you in its speed camera sights. It is proposing ‘stealth cameras’ – ones that are grey rather than bright yellow – to enforce the 70mph limit. Until

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Edinburgh imposing 20mph speed limits by 2017; air pollution may worsen

Most of Edinburgh’s city streets could see a 20mph speed limit implemented as early as 2017 if councillors on the Transport Committee in Edinburgh get their way. They are backing a consultation, but have been very quiet on the potential

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