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Safety tricks for driving your car, lorry, motorbike or bus in adverse road conditions

Your vehicle is going to be subjected to some punishment in its time. Rain, snow, baking sun, harsh surfaces, humidity and more will affect its performance. Let’s look at eight situations where your vehicle may suffer in performance, and what

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The 6 biggest distractions when driving

Food Many of you will have read about the 1994 case when Stella Liebeck sued McDonalds because she spilled coffee in her lap causing third degree burns in her pelvis region. She had to have skin grafts, eight days in

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How to die right after you get your full licence

Well done, you’ve got your full licence and your freedom. What are the mistakes you are likely to make which will cause accidents? Distractions When I got my licence I wanted to drive my mates to parties. I grew up

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