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What must you check on both the front and rear motorcycle tyres? What must you check on both the front and rear motorcycle tyres?

  • Possible answers:

  • A. That they're the same tread pattern

  • B. That they're correctly inflated

  • C. That they're the same size

  • D. That they're the same make


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Minimum motorbike tyre tread depth

The entire original tread should be continuous and at least 1mm deep. Don't ride a motorcycle with worn tyres. Your tyres are your only contact with the road so it's very important that you ensure they are in good condition. In the case of worn tyres, it dramatically increases the risk of aquaplaning or hydroplaning on water. This is where the tyre rides up on the surface of the water rather than the tread displacing the water so that the tyre maintains contact with the road. 


Incorrectly inflated tyres can be dangerous. Tyres that are under-inflated will move around more on the rim and will heat up more quickly. They will give you less cornering stability, and produce more drag which causes worse fuel economy. The steering can feel heavy when tyres are under-inflated.

Tyres that are over-inflated have less of the tyre in contact with the road, meaning less grip for cornering, braking and acceleration. The steering can feel light when tyres are over-inflated.

Manufacturers design a tyre to have an optimal operation air pressure. Running the tyre at a different air pressure can increase wear and increase the risk of getting a puncture.