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What should you do as you approach this bridge? What should you do as you approach this bridge?

  • Possible answers:

  • A. Move to the right

  • B. Slow down

  • C. Change gear

  • D. Keep to 30mph


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Humpback bridges

Humpback bridges are a legacy of old England: a time where there wasn't much traffic and the need to build a wide bridge for the occasional horse and cart, or tractor, wasn't necessary. Many remain in rural areas. They gradually get replaced as roads become busier.

This sign gives you a warning. The brow of the hill prevents you seeing oncoming traffic so you must be cautious. The bridge is narrow and there may not be enough room for you to pass an oncoming vehicle at this point. There is no footpath, so pedestrians may be walking in the road. Consider the hidden hazards and be ready to react if necessary.

Another reason to take it easy on a humpback bridge is that as you pass over the crest, your vehicle will have less traction. At low speeds this doesn't matter, but at high speeds the lack of traction will make braking and steering less effective.

Hitting a humpback bridge at speed can damage your suspension.