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What should you do when riding a motorcycle you've never ridden before? What should you do when riding a motorcycle you've never ridden before?

  • Possible answers:

  • A. Ask someone to ride with you for the first time

  • B. Just ride, as all controls and switches are the same

  • C. Leave your gloves behind so switches can be operated more easily

  • D. Make sure you know where all controls and switches are


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Riding a new motorbike

Before you ride any motorcycle make sure you're familiar with the layout of all the controls and switches. While control layouts are generally similar, there may be differences in their feel and method of operation.

You may need to adjust the mirrors if you are much taller or shorter than the previous rider. If you are much heavier or lighter then you may need to adjust the shock absorbers.

Take it easy for the first few miles until you get used to the cornering, braking and acceleration performance. A large cruiser will have a much different feel to a sports-focused bike and simple things such as how far you can lean into a corner before your peg scrapes the ground can catch you out.

If you've just picked up the motorbike, check that the fuel level is sufficient for your journey. If it's a second hand motorbike check the lights, brakes, chain, tyres and fluids before you take it on its first journey - pay special attention to the tyre tread.