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How would you react to drivers who appear to be inexperienced? How would you react to drivers who appear to be inexperienced?

  • Possible answers:

  • A. Sound your horn to warn them of your presence

  • B. Be patient and prepare for them to react more slowly

  • C. Flash your headlights to indicate that it is safe for them to proceed

  • D. Overtake them as soon as possible


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Young and inexperienced motorcyclists often have more confidence than ability. It takes time to gain experience and become a good rider. Make sure you have the right attitude and put safety first.

The more you ride, the more of the actions and reactions that you need that will be put in your 'procedural memory' - this is the kind of memory that we often refer to as muscle memory and it helps you perform repeated actions (like balancing, accelerating, braking, etc) without having to think about them much.

Of course, the more you ride, the more different types of experiences you will encounter. If you build up your skills safely, and take additional training, you'll end up being an experienced rider.

During your time building up your experience you will make mistakes - you'll stall it at the lights, have some near misses and forget to cancel your indicator. Bear in mind that other drivers will mostly be courteous to you, and all you need to do is pay them the same respect.